Annie Chemie P Ltd. India Annie Chemie P Ltd, is a company at Dahej in Gujarat, India. It is a manufacturer exporter of oil field shale gas fracking or hydraulic fracturing chemicals and it has substantial exports to countries like USA, Canada, China, Europe, UAE, Nigeria, Algeria, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Kuwait, Dubai etc. We have developed encapsulated guar gel breaker based on coated ammonium persulfate, potassium persulfate, sodium bromate etc. We also offer other coated or encapsulated products like citric acid, guar crosslinkers etc. Other shale gas frac related products like diverting agent, KCl-substitute or clay-stabilizer, corossion inhibitors, scale inhibitor, bio-guard etc. are also supplied.

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Encapsulated Potassium Persulfate Gel Breaker - Shale Gas Fracturing Chemical Manufacturer

Encapsulated Potassium Persulfate
Gel breaker, Coated for Shale Gas Fracturing
Encapsulated Gel Breaker Potassium Persulfate

We offer Encapsulated gel breaker potassium persulfate, designed to release in a specific time frame and at >100C temperature.

Typical Specifications of Coated Potassium Persulphate:
Active matter: Potassium persulfate 65-70%
Temperature dependent coating: 30-35%. Higher or lower coating percentage can be selected depending on down-hole temperatures.
Mesh size: 10-40mesh
Specific Gravity: Approximate 1.75

Coated or Encapsulate Potassium Persulfate is active at 195F or 90C it is used when significantly higher down-hole temperatures up to 300F or 150C are expected. When the down hole temperature are expected above 150C (about 300F), the user must shift to Encapsulated Sodium Bromate

Encapsulated Ammonium Persulfate used in the range 60C (140F) to 95C (200F)
Encapsulated Potassium Persulfate used in the range >90C (>195F) to 150C (300F) You are here
Encapsulated Sodium Bromate used in the range 138C (280F) to 165C (330F)

Encapsulate Potassium Persulfate, Fracking Chemical Manufacturer:

Annie Chemie P Ltd
Mumbai 4000010, INDIA
With Agents and offices in UAE, USA, Europe.


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September 28, 2023

Exporters to USA, Canada, China, Europe, UAE, Nigeria, Algeria, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Dubai etc.

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